Given how Root changes identities so frequently, the Machine must have some sort of connection back to Samaritan's compromised server blades. We also know that it has access to some truly insane compression algorithms. I wouldn't be surprised if it had transmitted a full copy of itself into Samaritan and is in the… » 4/16/15 8:52am Thursday 8:52am

There's still definitely some of that going on in the show, currently. Fusco's emotional arc is more or less played out, but the others are all still trying to cope with self-inflicted wounds by helping others. The most recent episode in particular did a really good job with this. » 4/06/15 3:04pm 4/06/15 3:04pm

When I'm grading student worksheets that don't require huge amounts of attention (i.e., most of them), I like to play Stargate SG-1 or How I Met Your Mother episodes. I've seen most of them a large number of times already, so I can follow along just enough to distract my mind from an otherwise banal process. » 4/05/15 11:21pm 4/05/15 11:21pm

I haven’t looked at the study yet, but it seems a bit premature yo be calling this an adaptation. If they’re just looking at diet composition, then that’s probably saying more about food availability than preference. I’d like to see some choice experiments done on this. » 4/05/15 2:15pm 4/05/15 2:15pm

I've always swept that whole discussion under the rug by assuming that A) midichlorians are cellular commensals that essentially feed off the energy of the force, meaning that a powerful force user will be able to support a larger midichlorian population, and B) Qui-Gon doesn't know jack shit about biology. » 4/05/15 2:10pm 4/05/15 2:10pm

I'd have no problem eating one (assuming they got the taste part right), but I'd prefer to wait until they manage to get it to work without fetal bovine serum. These still require cows to function, which rather severely limits the associated ethical and environmental gains. » 4/03/15 2:17pm 4/03/15 2:17pm